Just stumbled across Erik and Martin Demaine's 'mathematical and puzzle fonts/typefaces' collection, delightful:


Programming is sometimes like playing twister.

Sure, you can probably pull off that weird hack work to implement that new feature, but it'll make everything harder next round.

(pic from commons.m.wikimedia.org/wiki/F )

Turns out the elliptic arc support I contributed to inkcut (vinyl cutter software) earlier wasn't quite correct for non-90⁰ arcs... fixed it though!


Surprisingly honest spammer.

But no, still banned.

This childrens' toy is called a 'vormenstoof' in Dutch - anyone know what it is called in ?

Given a technical challenge, "this is impossible" is an unhelpful response, even if it is true.

A more helpful way to phrase it is: "the approach as phrased cannot work because (fundamental limitation X). Can you explain what you were trying to achieve, so we can find an approach that avoids X and still meets this need?"

Of course I shouldn't be surprised, but damn the @opensourcedesign logo is pleasing ;)

Now the proud owner of a nicely-framed original print of Jean Ruiter's "Rietveld Chair" (from his 'de-constructions' series).

I really like how, in the GitHub 'Blame' UI, there is the 'view blame prior to this change' button.

With that you can quickly navigate to the commit that made the change you're interested in, 'skipping over' other changes to the same code.

My first CNC project - the plan is to create a namesign out of wood on the CNC mill at @hack42 - but for now the pen drawing is already nice progress!


bad Dutch politics joke 

"Light & free of Oikos" - de oikofobie rijst de pan uit!

Controlling my central heating via WiFi, in good DIY style 😂 .

Yes this is a v0.1 prototype. But it works 😜

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