Gilad Bracha looks back at why didn't take over the world, and hints his platform is planned to get some love soon.

Made a rudimentary "pitch match" ear trainer game this weekend, having some fun with and the Web Audio API:

Would love to hear what you think!

Code at

@neoninteger I thought of that, but unfortunately 'scouting' as a verb already has a different meaning (~'searching') so that would be confusing...

When looking at percentile measurements (e.g. request latency), remember:

A small percentage of fly in your soup will still ruin your whole meal.

I'm a big fan of 'boy-scouting' during coding: with each change, leave the codebase a little cleaner than you found it. I find this helps keeping the codebase healthy while not interfering with 'real work' too much.

Is there a nice gender-neutral term for this practice?

@snder pretty good!

Did some programming this morning (exploring web audio API and )

Getting ready for the @mch2021 orga (online) meeting now

Microsoft released the 1983 sources for the GW-BASIC interpreter. I remember programming for that (though not on 8088). Never realized it was originally written on a PDP-10 - I don't go back quite that far ;)


@pea I hoped we could have 1 docker layer per nix store path, but then I read about the 125-layer limit in . So sad.

@pea Haven't tried any docker things, but building this linux container and making it small was a lot of fun . Started with nixos-generators but ended up copying it and stripping it down further.

@hansw Ah, een beperking van Hubzilla of van Diaspora dus, afhankelijk van het perspectief :). Jammer.

@hansw het is wel suf dat ik soms via Mastodon hier antwoorden zie, maar de post waarop geantwoordt wordt niet. Is dat een beperking van Hubzilla?

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15 years later: Remote Code Execution in qmail (CVE-2005-1513)

> In 2005, three vulnerabilities were discovered in qmail but were never fixed because they were believed to be unexploitable in a default installation. We recently re-discovered these vulnerabilities and were able to exploit one of them remotely in a default installation.

#c #exploit #malloc #programming #security

After spending a ton of effort on documentation, getting publically accused on birdsite of intentionally writing bad docs 😭

@nff that is so cool!

Is there 'structure' to that oneliner or was it just a 'lucky find'?

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had to do it on an attiny85 :)
[(one-liner bytebeat)>>(1-bit byte scanning)]>>(passive attenuator)>>(raw to speakers)

#1bit #music #bytebeat #bitbeat #audio #chiptune #viznut #attiny85 #avr

@ephemeral No, but it definitely rings true: I once talked to a talented developer about the weather app project he was on.

This was a multi-person full-time team working on this weather app, having challenges to make it scale and doing machine learning things.

This had me confused at first, until I understood the challenge here wasn't showing the weather: the challenge was showing the right ads to the right users to maximize the app's profits.

Such a waste...

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I really don't like comparing the fediverse to email to "new" people. Because I've noticed they don't like email to begin with, so they're just like "ew, email" and you're really not winning people over 😅

I typically compare it to cellphones where you can connect to other people regardless of what provider they have.

When I first installed @debian, this was slightly complicated by the fact that I had only 4MB of memory rather than the recommended 8.

Today, I have 32GB of memory, but I'm adding swap because compiling 😂

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