'The world is really changing': Why Linux on desktop is taking a sudden leap forward

With data science and AI workloads pushing the envelope in computer performance, Lenovo's Rob Herman tells TechRepublic why supporting the Linux user base is more important than ever.

TechRepublic: 'The world is really changing': Why Linux on desktop is taking a sudden leap forward.

Watching a second chance for NASA to space travel

How to make your own hand sanitizer

If you can’t find hand sanitizer at your local drugstore, you can make your own.

The Verge: How to make your own hand sanitizer.

En ruta a San Pablo. Hoy el cielo y el mar se confabulan. El azul del mar te atrae como un canto de sirena

Salinas city view from the El Morro viewpoint. In case of an earthquake and later tsunami alert, this high place is the point of reunion

At Salinas beach, the weekend before Mardi gras or Carnaval starts.

View from El Morro in Salinas beach, the tip of the peninsula in the Pacific Ecuadorian coast line

My daughter gave me this art for my birthday. I love it!

Ok, this is nuts...

EPA says appeals court should reverse a jury finding against company and its weed killer for alleged cancer link

CBS News: Bayer stock up after U.S. government backs Monsanto's Roundup in glyphosate cancer lawsuit.

Getting all set for Xmas in the open musical festival

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