Ok, this is nuts...

EPA says appeals court should reverse a jury finding against company and its weed killer for alleged cancer link

CBS News: Bayer stock up after U.S. government backs Monsanto's Roundup in glyphosate cancer lawsuit.

Getting all set for Xmas in the open musical festival

Checking out the System76 Galago Pro 2019 Laptop with Coreboot

The Galago Pro laptop was refreshed again, this time with Coreboot providing the BIOS. In this review, we'll take a look at the latest version of this 14" la...


SPIN: Soundgarden’s Kim Thayil: It Would Be “Ridiculous” If We Don’t Get to Finish Our Last Album With Chris Cornell.

Grab your popcorn , sit and watch:
Gizmodo: Disney CEO Cuts Ties With Apple Because They're Not Called the 'Streaming Wars' for Nothing.

The longest windows 10 update ever. Hope I do find no issues after it is over.

En Estados Unidos, los opioides han causado ya casi 200.000 muertes. Un fenómeno que ya no es puramente estadounidense. En Alemania y Francia, el uso de esto...


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