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The longest windows 10 update ever. Hope I do find no issues after it is over.

Debería Apple rebautizar su iPhone cómo iShot....

En Estados Unidos, los opioides han causado ya casi 200.000 muertes. Un fenómeno que ya no es puramente estadounidense. En Alemania y Francia, el uso de esto...

Saturday afternoon doing some Odoo stuff..

Un día eres joven y al día siguiente te levantas y hay 802 Pokémon

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A friendly request to the users of quey! If you see a local poll please vote so we can make decisions about the platform together 😉

Gary Hoberman, CEO and founder of low-code platform Unqork, explains why agile doesn’t work and how his platform is replacing vendors such as SAP in large companies.

Diginomica: Unqork CEO - ‘Agile has failed’.

RT: Siri ‘regularly’ records sex encounters, sends ‘countless’ private moments to Apple contractors.

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