I saw a dietician for the first time ever today and I know she's good because she didn't call me out for my Dunkin habit. Instead, she made me call myself out for my Dunkin habit. That's some reverse psychology shit right there.

(she's right tho lmao I gotta make some changes)

started Fabulous's Pillars of Self-esteem journey a couple days ago and it has been. An experience.

so far the best part of mastodon has been all the wholesome emoji art bots. they fuel me.

some I made about being which is still very new for me

I swore I'd start posting on more social media than just twitter so here's my attempt at doing that

Goals in Life:

- learn how to make my own indie RPGs
- be a true polyglot! I speak some Italian (it was my minor in college) but would love to be fully fluent, plus I wanna learn Japanese and Irish
- adopt a dog
- be the internet's chill vibes stoner uncle
- write and publish a book
- collab with someone on a webcomic or graphic novel
- go back to school to study art and/or computer science and/or library science
- live in a van or camper

Stuff I like:

- : Indie games, RPGs, and Nintendo stuff are my jam.
- : Books, graphic novels, and some webcomics
- : I write fiction and nonfiction and love them both!
- : mostly with inks and pencils, some watercolor.
- : I LOVE to sing and rn my fave artists are Kero Kero Bonito, Hozier, and Billie Eilish

oh shit I don't think I did my yet so here we go.

I'm ghost malone and I have a website: scaredyghost.com. I write a blog but it's kind of on hiatus right now while I get my life together. I also make art and am most active on Twitter.

I also work for thefabulous.co. I write for their blog and the app itself.


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