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Yaay! It’s and you know what that means.. Only 2 days work left after today!

Sunrise for April 24, 2019 at 06:19AM! It's currently around 13C. Current weather conditions are Cloudy.

Torrential rains have replenished Lake Urmia, a lake that has been shrinking in recent decades.

Mogelijk eerste beving ooit waargenomen op Mars door NASA's InSight De Marslander van NASA, InSight, heeft op 6 april voor het eerst ooit een beving gedetecteerd op de rode planeet. De Franse ruimtevaartorganisatie CNES heeft dit dinsdag bekendgemaakt. De waarneming is echter wel te klein voor verder onderzoek.

gewalker NASAInSight The team plans to add the uncompressed audio to

escapecar NASAInSight It don't mean nothin'. But this seismic event is really interesting! Find out more:

Stop what you're doin'. I'm about to ruin the image and the style that you're used to: NASAInSight detected what is likely a marsquake.

Seismic sound laid down by the underground can be heard here between Martian wind and vibrations from InSight's arm.…

My so called ‘brother’ wants to report his own mother to the police.. That’s called a rat right?

Yet another day of the week has begun! Come on and let’s get to work!

Sunrise for April 23, 2019 at 06:21AM! It's currently around 9C. Current weather conditions are Clear.

From space station altitude, astronauts can see several different climate zones in a single view of Guinea-Bissau.

Family Guy 17x19 Girl, Internetted airs on Sunday 5th, May 2019

DSS 65 carrier lock on Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter
Frequency: 2.2712GHz
Signal strength: -141dBm

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