@snder In Spain an editorial released 1,500 books in a plaza to bookcross. 48 hours later all they had disappeared. There are certain initiatives from other countries that here are unfeasible

@roysmeding @Neshama Some farmers in the Netherlands also sell some stuff on the street in front of their home. People can put money in a box and take for example the potato’s :flan_stars: It’s all based on trust in each other

@snder it sounds good

I was there some years ago. I fell in love with the area. But complicated to go there to live...


@Neshama @roysmeding If you want a 'regular' and 'basic' life the Netherlands is perfect. Pretty stable environment to grow up and learn. But before I die I 'NEED' to change some things in this world. And there for you need lots of money. So I need to get rich one way or the other.. And believe me, in the Netherlands they don't 'allow' you to get rich.

@snder @Neshama that's an extremely weird way of looking at things.

the main problem with .nl imo is it's liberal as hell. even the "socialist party" seems to have forgotten what socialism actually means and has just become a slightly racist social democratic party


@roysmeding @Neshama And there's one of those reasons. If it where for me, humanity is one. No borders, no countries just 'provinces' of the UN. Or use the cash wisley and go to Mars and start over haha

@snder why does it have to be "provinces" of the UN? why do we need everything to be directly under a centralized thing like that?

also, we can't start over on mars, that's just wishful thinking by nerds to feel better about what's being done to our planet

@roysmeding Damn your such a pessimist.. Thanks but no thanks! Have a good evening sir.

@snder eh, i'm not a pessimist, i just don't think the UN or mars is going to be what saves us. i think we're better off focusing on what we have already locally!

good night

@snder @roysmeding It is the logical thing. Larger societies can make more strength to get advantageous agreements, rights, be at the head to make decisions ... Even if we go to Mars now, we would repeat the same mistakes, there is no awareness of change. let's leave the poor Martians in peace XD

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