What’s your opinion about Julian Assange?


@valiant Thank you for your opinion! Very interesting:)

@snder Of course, I hope it didn't across too negatively. I feel like he should be punished for any crime he has committed, but not for the leaks... If America gets what they want, it'll change how journalism works entirely. I'm just really glad the UK is protecting him for now until they can confirm he won't be killed by any country that wants him next. :)))

@valiant No you’re absolutely right! If he indeed committed those crimes he should be punished!

But at the times those sexual assault charges cane just at the right time for the US so I’m not totally sure if it’s true :)

@snder he is a hero... and a fugitive?

I think he can be both in this world, after all those who rules the world are really corrupted.

@snder i believe he is an honest whistleblower who upset future plans of many organisations.

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