My so called ‘brother’ wants to report his own mother to the police.. That’s called a rat right?

@snder that’s called disloyalty. Unless it’s an extremely serious reason where it would somewhat be justified, you should never do that to family :/


@valiant There’s no legit reason. He’s with a ‘women’ that’s 25 years older and has a very very bad influence on him.

They scam family members for money and don’t want to repay. Now they’re want to report my mom (and his mother) for some bullshit thing because they’re scared.

Oh man.. I hate him with every atom in my body..

@snder he sounds like a very disloyal person in general. Failing to see the good in those around him, and the benefits of getting along with each other. You can achieve far more working together than against. People who are like that to others are confusing. I hope all goes well with you, if I was you, I’d all just keep distance until he hopefully grows up (that’s not always possible for everyone though :/)

Sending my best wishes your way!

@valiant Thank you :) Inwas planning on keeping my distance but it’s so personal now..

My mom has suffered enough.. We just want him to pay the family back and after that he’s free to move to Pluto if he wants to! At this moment he’s just a plain criminal

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