Do we want more toot characters on

If yes, how many would be good?

@efertone @inditoot @noorul @DKruse @auramun @fructose_dealer

I can make it maybe 1337? Haha!

And what about profile bio? It's now 500 chars, I can also make this more.

But this begs the question.. How much is enough?🤔

@snder 500 is fine most of the time, sometimes i'm over and have to split up or shorten because it's like 550 ;) So, 500 is fine, but I would not complain if it would be like 600 XD

I found 5 000 characters are not enough for me some times


@snder @inditoot @noorul @DKruse @auramun @fructose_dealer You can check if anyone is near the cap on profile bio, if it's too many then maybe, for me it's... I don't even know what is the limit, the most I could write I did and i'm not at the limit, not even with a sh*t ton of # characters XD

@snder Sometimes i need more, i don't see how microblogging is ruined by allowing more expressiveness, 1000 would be enough.

I have aslo (sometimes) surpassed the 500 barrier, so be it!

@lorabe @snder It kinda goes into the question of "how many parts of the boat can you replace until it becomes a different boat."

How many characters to you allow until it stops being microbloging

@Scofisticated @snder we like microblogging almost all the time.

But sometimes we need something more than a "micro message", that's also part of communication.

Even if we can write bigger messages, 99% of the time will still be microblogging.

@lorabe @Scofisticated Indeed, most of the toots are still under the 500 characters so I don’t think microblogging will be any different :)

@snder I prefer a shorter limit. Birdsite has taught me to keep things succinct. Get to the point, and pump as much meaning in how you phrase and type and punctuate. And if you need to make other points, thread it out. It.. helps to prevent ranting.

@snder I think 150 characters invites you to be so creative when trying to express your thoughts. 500 for me is so much. Does 500 kills the micro blogging experience?

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