We've just released #Halcyon 2.3.2 with the following changes:
- Add management for blocked and muted accounts in settings
- Add management for follow requests in settings
-> Update your nginx.conf or Caddyfile
- Add Catalan translation
-> Enable the ca_ES locale
- Add profile sidebar to notifications page
You can download it from notabug.org/halcyon-suite/halc
-> Still miss your language?Help translating at translate.nikisoft.one/project

@halcyon Nice! Thank you!

What do you think about making Halcyon responsive?😏🤔

@snder A responsive version has been on the todo list for a very long time but it's much work as pretty much every part of Halcyon has to be optimized.That will take much time so I had to postpone it often.But I have much time over the next weeks so maybe it will come sooner than initially planned.I'm not sure.

@halcyon I see ;) No worries there then! What about the homepage or login page?

Me personally think it’s much in contrast with the rest of the application. Somewhat bolder I think? Maybe it’s a idea to make it look more like the birdsite login page? Not a copy ofcourse but somewhat more like it?

@snder @halcyon

After Responsive design, add PWA in todo list too 😍

@inditoot @snder A PWA won't come that soon.It would need a rewrite of the whole code base without any big improvements.

@snder @halcyon

Although i can live without it. its not that big of deal.

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