Before I go off to celebrate Midsummer by being in bed sick (Swedish woes), I want to share a small update.

#Tusky will keep blocking servers which actively promote fascism. This in particular means Gab.

We will get our next release out just in time for the 4th of July.

Don't even try to debate us about Free Speech. This is our speech, exercising #ANTIFA views. And we will keep doing it :toot:

We will post a bigger update at a later time about what this all really means.


@inditoot Do you know what Gab is? Everyone is seems to be blocking it.

@akarshanbiswas @Tusky

Yeah, I am its a social network created for free speech as we already Twitter and Facebook censored certain groups of people who support certain political ideology.

The Problem started when Apple and Google banned there app for Reason like nudity and other.



Have you seen it? It's a nazi hate paradise.. This isn't free speech anymore it's just assault.

@akarshanbiswas @Tusky

@snder @inditoot @Tusky

He didn't see it and neither do I. That's why we are discussing here.

@akarshanbiswas @snder @Tusky

I got feeling this going to explode for some reason 😕

@snder @akarshanbiswas @Tusky

Yeah I checked few profile seems Quite OK from the outside although have to Join them to actually know what is Going on but even they are Bad, We need to take ethical approach Hardcode ban are not the right way.


You can browse the public timeline and there are enough websites with examples haha.. Trust me, you don't what that in your public feed when it hits ;)

@akarshanbiswas @Tusky

@snder @akarshanbiswas @Tusky

Some Good morning post, news from certain sources, Found one post that seem not good prrety much the same as Twitter, but it's more related to right wing politics.

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