I have a questions for the users of Mastodon.

Should we silence or just let them be?

I don't want to make this decision by myself. Please let me know what you think!

@snder Why would you "silence" them? Makes no sense. Just cos you dont agree with someone doesnt remove their right to say whatever they want to say. Your view is your view and theirs is theirs. Neither may be right. Yours may be. Theirs may be. Surely the conversation is more important than the outcome? Cancel culture is evil and appalling and should be fought against by all with a mind. Remember how people react to words or media is entirely their choice not the choice of its creator.


Well, just like you say it's my right to do whatever I want in this case :)

I am the one who bought and setup the server so that makes me in charge I guess? But I don't want to be a 'ruler' on this instance and that's why I posted this poll to ask the users what they want!

I'm not a big fan of Gab that's true but that's also my right. Did you know I have blocked my own instance as well? quey should be a place that you can visit when you're at work or public places

@snder Yeah im totally cool with you doing whatever you want with your own instance as long as your users are supportive. They always have the option to go elsewhere. I know my instance ( will welcome gab with open arms and anyone else who has anything to say even if I personally disagree with them. I think its good you are asking your users I just think this hysteria around #gab is way out of control. Talk of app developers blocking them is just appalling!


Thanks 🙂 I'm always asking my users before I make major changes! I'm also just a user on the platform but I just happen to have root access haha

Well there are multiple side here.. Gab is fucked because there apps where removed from the App and Play Sores so I totally get the fear of being removed when you allow gab for instance (lol) On the other side i'm not a big fan of blocking, trust me.. I have my issues with Eugen! But the user comes first with me soo!

@snder @Supes

I'm taking a wait-and-see approach. Gab maybe full of Nazis or it might not be. I don't really know, and some of the people hyperventilating about Gab label everyone who disagrees with them as a Nazi (e.g. Candace Owens). Keep in mind, many of them also said LibremOne was full of Nazis, but so far LibremOne is excessively tame.

Now if Gab is full of Nazis or white supremacists, then they'll be banned. Life's too short to put up with stupid shit like that.

@rcode3 @snder
Totally agree, judging a group of people by the words of a few is not productive or positive. As users we dont have to have conversations with or even see users we dont like for whatever reason. The tools are there. My frustration is the hysteria and grandstanding around this. Its like "im more woke than you" competition and its unedifying


It’s about the ‘free speech’ social network who recently joined the fediverse :)

@snder Do you have a policy on silencing? I'd argue it should be based on policy not the whims of the masses. But thats just my 2 cents as a non-member. Tyranny of the majority seems to be an ongoing problem with mastodon instances IMO.


Kind of I think but it's not really clear yet where they land I'm afraid. I think the masses are right in this case, I mean we can always silence them later if they cause trouble right!

@snder I mean for me I'd say if the policy isnt clear then clarify on the policy. Set up clear rules for what will get an instance silenced. Then apply it to the behavior of gab.

Personally on my server our policy is only to silence servers in extreme situations for example if it is used primarily for spam or if individual users are encourage and allowed to open up multiple accounts to harass people and avoid individual bans without any admin intervention. Stuff like that. We wont silence for users being offensive personally,

But each server should have their own policy and apply it objectively IMO.


Haha no I meant the whole Gab situation ;-) I think our policy is clear about those things but I want to be sure before silencing them.

I haven't seen anything yet from Gab so far so haha!

@snder can't vote on this old-version mastodon instance, but would vote suspend.

@snder I use Gab a lot and I don’t think that I’m an extremist. It’s just a pretty chill media with awesome groups on gardening. 😉

@snder There is something to the realm of free speech. And that gab hasnt done anything wrong here, yet. However, are we to ignore thier reputation as having nationalist, supremasists, and neo-nazis? Reputation can be an indication of future actions. My question would be: How sustanciated is the reputation? I would be interested in an investigation.

@snder There is also the matter of allowing toxic idealogies to spread. Twitter/Fb wont firmly block it because it would decrease engadgment and user numbers. For, you know, free (monotary) speech reasons. Maybe that is how we got the new wave of terrorist recruitment and neo-nazism. Perhaps it would have happened anyway.

But the more that it is available, the more that those suseptable to it can take it in. That i would like to avoid.


It’s a complicated matter that’s for sure! I think it’s best to watch and observe for a little while, we can always make the decision to silence them if things get out of hand 🙂

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