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Linus lost control just as Eugen is loosing control. yes it has nothing to do with free speech. Eugen and other early adopters used free speech as a selling point of the platform. Lack of central control etc etc. Reality is the platform should be encouraging Gab. the number of daily active users will go through the roof and thats a good thing. Just cos you disagree with their views or politics does not make them any less valuable to the platform as anyone else.



It's absolutly okay to have an opinion but I need to say that's it's a very grey area when people are calling for free speech or just posting hate and racism..

I can't say that I know the difference it's very hard but what I do know is that I want to create an online place where people can feel safe and post what they want with in their minds the guidelines.

quey is easy, sinblr is a lot harder but on a very different level.

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Mate my view is it doesnt matter what people are saying it is the consumer of the information who needs to take responsibility of how they react and what they do from there. If someone is spouting shit of any kind be it racist or be it I dont like the car you drive I as a consumer decide to block that individual or just ignore it. People need to take the responsibility. Not everyone will agree with you or think the same as you. It is up to you what you do with your own reaction

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