I can't talk to other people on Phone or Text😐

@inditoot Ran out of things to talk about with the princess? 😮

Just say something random and talk about that and if that doesn't work try another random thingy!

@snder I can't think of anything while talking I am super bad at it 🤦‍♂️


Don't think to much ;-) I had the same problem but once you'll let go of the fear that you NEED to say something the stories are flowing like water!

Does she knows already you run an awesome community? ^.^

@snder ohh so it's natural huh, interesting 🙄

Does she knows already you run an awesome community?



Whut, do you do quote a toot?

Tell her that! And what other things do you like?

Space? Sports? Gaming?


I'm sorry I meant: HOW do you quote a toot? 😆


@snder @alexa

HOW do you quote a toot?

Enable markdown option in glitch, copy the content and put Greater-than sign on start of the comment



Hahaha ooohh! As simple as that!

I though I missed a new function or something 😆


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