@rysdal @snder I think you no longer need to have it blocked as we'd no longer be federating with that instance, but I'm keeping them blocked just in case. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


@moongaia @rysdal

No it’s fixed now. I blocked the domain instance wide so they can’t attack us anymore.

I’m afraid this guy will create more domains and ‘attack instances’ so please keep an eye out!❤️

Wait, has the same person done the same thing previously? I got follower bombed by a previous instance, so I already blocked freefedifollowers to keep a repeat from happening.

After I blocked weedis.life (the other problematic instance), my users that were affected had a displayed follower count of 0, even though they had 15-30 (but their followers list was still accurate).

@moongaia @rysdal

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