@snder I am doing good personally. I set up a Plume instance yesterday, and I set up a Gitea instance today (although that's not really a part of the fediverse ... yet).

So yeah, I'm pretty excited. More self-hosting!


Very good! Do you like a Plume?🤓 Gitea is also very nice and a lot lighter than Gitlab😅

@snder Plume is pretty cool. I am definitely going to write a bunch there. Since it is technically an "alpha" release, I will try and spot bugs and fix things where I can. It's really good software though.

GitLab would cost a *lot* for me to put on a VPS since it uses a lot of resources. Gitea works great, and I put it on the VPS I use for my diaspora* pod, thus it's not currently costing me any more money.

I like being in control of things, especially my code. The only thing I worry about is contributors.

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