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@jasper Oh thanks haha, I made them with a EOS 2000D with no filter what so ever so, hm

@snder just saying photos don't exist in nature 😜

@snder i have an extremely bad sense of humor sometimes..

@snder Stunning. I've not purchased a new SLR since the '70s when I got an Asahi Pentax. Used to do my own developing and printing too! One day I'll join the 21st century I guess.


Oh that's cool! It's kind of a lost art I think 📸

@snder I only just got ride of my darkroom this past spring! Most welcome, I love following talented artists!

@GoatsLive There's a lot more to come! (over 1200 total haha)

@snder You take amazing shots. I can't travel with a big camera sadly, have to settle with a phone 😭

@Rovine Thank you very much 😍 I'm just a starter haha!

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