Should I upgrade to the Glitch version?

- More features
- Two flavours (with each 3 themes)
- Local-only posts
- Full-width media
- 1000 toot char (can be discussed)
- Bookmarks
- Drawing
- Multiple post formats

Please vote! (I prefer only votes😇)

One hour left! Looks like it’s going too be a upgrade for

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@snder As long as it doesn't cause things to break I think it'd be cool to see Glitch be used :>

@snder My argument is keeping it is that forks lag behind mainline with all the fun that comes with it.

@snder Its your instance. You do what you want to do with it. 🙂

Haha no! It’s our instance :flan_stars: I’m only the one updating and partial paying it :kirby_happy:

I’d like to discuss such big changes with the community before I do anything :spidey:


@snder To be fair, I've migrated to another instance (and even that one doesn't gets used much). So I wouldn't weight my opinion as much...

Ah cool! What one? 😃 well, every opinion counts I think 🙂



We run it at and it is an enjoyable mutation of the platform.

Nice! Sinblr also runs on Glitch since it’s more suitable but I’m not sure about quey. We’ve had it running in the past but there are always bugs


It could become a little more instable. Not garanteed ;-) sinblr also runs on Glitch and it's pretty stable


@snder hmm quite a hard question.

Vanilla Quey has been quite stable, i know the past issues weren't necessarily provoked by glich, but i just think this vanilla instance is pretty stable and useful, i like it.

On the other hand, i need more than 500 chars... i just need it. I think 5000 characters would be excessive... but but I wouldn't mind...

I go for the yes, but if the instance gets... glitchy... revert.


Don't upgrade on daily basis.

Have at least a week.

You may disturb our users


I can wait a while longer.. But since were back on the vanilla I got multiple requests for upgrading again 😆 ATM I’m all about stability though so maybe we need to wait indeed


It's ok for now or sometime.

Constant reboot may disconnect users and we may lose them.

User experience is also important for us.

So consider infrequent reboot/upgrade.


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