Keep on tight, almost weekend ...
I used to work for KPN as well. (System administrator SDH in Dordrecht)
I'm still in the couch getting rid of the flu, at least the fever is gone...

@Marcovdheide Almost indeed, unfort I also work on Satudays 😆 Oh that's pretty cool, not anymore?

Ah man, feel better!

That's a bummer, working on Saturdays ...
I don't work fulltime for KPN anymore. Now I get hired approx once a month for Baan/Infor maintenance at the HQ in The Hague.

@Marcovdheide Ah well, more money! :) I just completed the training and now getting started with calling, within a few weeks also the chat!

It's not really a high function or something but one has to start at the bottem right? 🙂

Do you have another job? 😮

Yep, IT consultant at Xibis, which specializes in Infor products, so I travel all across Wester Europe (most of it with my electric car :-) ). Also I do a lot of things remotely.

As for the money, not really. I'm still simply working for a fixed salary, I'm no ZZP-er which charge more then EUR 100,= per hour...

You can't have them all can you 😃 .

I hope you don't have any nasty customers on the line this afternoon/evening ... I guess that could really spoil your mood.

Wow! Very nice! That’s amazing man, what kinda car? ^ A cool Tesla maybe? :)

Whaha that’s true! Most ZZP-ere charge so much an hour!

Me to indeed! Luckily I can handle some shit from customers, I also worked for Telfort a few years ago :)



Haha, I wish. Nonono, just a Renault Zoe. It can reach approx 250 km (in one go).
I normally stop every 2 hours for coffee and then the car can charge in the meantime. And at all customer sites I can charge my car. So no problem with the range at all.
I drive approx 35000 km per year.

@Marcovdheide Holy shit man! That’s a big distance!

Still very cool you’re on the road so much I think, seeing so much and that for work ^ Why car btw? Isn’t airplane a lot faster/cheaper? When the companies pays ofcourse

Airplanes could be cheaper, but a lot worse for the environment. So when I can avoid it I will. The environment is the main reason that I drive electric. It's still not "good" for the environment, but when you drive a lot it is absolutely less bad in comparison with diesels...

Oops, the boss calls. Probably wants to know when I can start working again...

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