quey.org will now go offline for a quick server upgrade.

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Why is this happening on mobile UI? The header is cropped instead of scrollable?


And we're back online!

I've upgraded quey.org to the latest glitch-soc version. If you switch over tot he glitch flavour the buggy interface on mobile UI should be fixed for now.

I think I know a way to fix our mobile UI bug for now, upgrade to Glitch-soc?

Why does this keep happening? Mastodon is sooo buggy on iOS web browser..


We are back online on a new server but unfortunately the mobile UI bug is still present.

It appears we are stuck on the master build since our database has a new upgrade in prep for version 3.0

I'm currently showing Eugen and hoping he will fix the problem since it also appears on mastodon.social.

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Why do some users get the error 403 throttled?

What's a good post scheduler?

Web client would be fine and macOS app even better!


Haha you did it! The next update had the option only show unread noti's in browser title bar!

It's crappy that my browser has to zoom out three times to get the trending hashtags..

Weird, if I checkout quey at the latest stable release the web UI only throws in a 500 error but with the latest master code it’s fine..?

Wonder why the tootctl accounts cull doesn't have a --background function?


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