:quey: Hey quey! :quey:

I created a group for us 🎉 Just mention "quey[at]gup.pe" and your toot will be displayed on @quey

I changed the signup status on to ‘approval’ so we can encounter spam accounts for now :flan_cool:

BTW, I do suspend spam accounts on .org :quey:

There's someone who constantly creates new accounts with no toots but links and spam text on their profile. Does anyone has any problems with that? :kirby_happy:

It’s cool to see that quey and sinblr are often in the top 10 most active instances! Really gives me a feeling of appreciation, I’m so happy people are using the platforms and expanding their horizons!

Thank you all♥️

I also will upgrade the server tonight :blobcheer2: 2 extra vCPU's + 8GB more ram 💪

Currently recompiling assets for :quey: Theme 11 will be added and some language fixes :blobcheer2:

Haha you know what, since I'm fixing the ES lang file I need to recompile assets. So while I'm at it I'll add some new themes :quey:

Yo . Are you aware there’s something called the ? It’s a network off social networks linked together to form one big platform! Don’t put all your trust in one company like and go decentralized.


Does quey.org really want 5000 post characters?

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