It appears is blocked in #Russia. Does anyone know if this is IP only or also the domain?

#mastodon #quey

Hmm.. I really wish #quey could use ElasticSearch for full toot search will now go offline for a quick server upgrade.

#quey #maintenance #mastodon

And we're back online!

I've upgraded to the latest glitch-soc version. If you switch over tot he glitch flavour the buggy interface on mobile UI should be fixed for now.

I think I know a way to fix our mobile UI bug for now, upgrade to Glitch-soc?

I’m off to bed now! We have an busy day scheduled tomorrow! 😴

Oh and btw, yesterday I also restored our custom themes!

We are back online on a new server but unfortunately the mobile UI bug is still present.

It appears we are stuck on the master build since our database has a new upgrade in prep for version 3.0

I'm currently showing Eugen and hoping he will fix the problem since it also appears on

Maybe I should migrate to a new server to fix the UI issues..


Hello there, welcome to ! If you need any help or have any questions just let me know! :flan_stars:

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