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We also have boosts enabled on our public timelines :blobcheer2:

Yay, I think the code is ready! Let's upgrade!

Getting the source code ready for updating !

I'm happy our family is finally getting a little bigger again! ❤️

I'm added our custom emojis to categories now!

Quick services restart for updates! ❤️

Does work fast for you or do you need to wait for pages to load?

One hour left! Looks like it’s going too be a upgrade for

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I like it very much that you guys share a lot of media♥️ I can’t seem to understand it all but it looks certainty very nice!

Yay, okay! I'm going to migrate to the server!

I will also do the setup manually for the latest versions. And yes, I will restore backups!

We have some quick fixes coming in, hold on for a quick services restart ❤️

Preforming updates now! We also need a reboot within a few min!

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