It appears is blocked in #Russia. Does anyone know if this is IP only or also the domain?

#mastodon #quey

@jfpkdsnm @pazan @coquo @admin

So it appears we blocked in #Russia indeed. Now I could maybe fix this by changing the IP of quey but if the domain is blocked I don’t see another way

@admin @coquo Hm? This is strange.. Why would it be blocked in Russia?

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Here is my #FF ( #FollowFriday ) list. We have a lot of new faces on #QOTO I just have to share, and a new few friends from around the fediverse. Plus some old friends too.

@mngrif - hacker, gamer, bit of retro computer, ham radio, all around interesting guy and an old friend.

@Rovine - New member, mostly posts about learning experiences. Friendly and sweet.

@angelobottone - A philosophy teacher

@snder - Fair minded admin that runs several instances around the fediverse

@koyu - A lovely down to earth person with some tech interest, also a fellow instance admin.

@Curator - Shares wonderful art from the art instance

@rvlobato - Linux enthusiast and physicist.

@pschwede - Fellow coder

@comphys - Professional in Physics and Computing, excellent technical posts.

@TheGnuMaster - Fellow Open-source enthusiast, usually engages in discourse respectfully, good conversations.

@adrianomaini - Posts absolutely amazing vintage photos

Former lead developer at Twitter posting this. cc: @Gargron you might chime in on this on your Twitter and Mast accounts.
#activitypub #mastodon


You can recount accounts or posts:

bin/tootctl cache recount accounts


bin/tootctl cache recount statues



bin/tootctl cache recount (followers or statuses) if I'm correct


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