Sunrise for January 24, 2020 at 08:26AM! It's currently around 2C. Current weather conditions are Cloudy.

W00w, Mastodon UI crash when you use "" in announcement!

Cool new feature though, do users also get an option for unsubscribe?


The current announcements are only to help the community 😄

@gatoneko @Lunnaris

New instance blocks 

I personally make sure this feature would be never abused here on quey :quey: 💪

@gatoneko @Lunnaris

New instance blocks 

Could be anything haha! Important server changes, maybe sometimes cool holidays or something? I could go on and on haha


Shopping for a bluetooth speaker - does not need to be portable but it seems most good options are.

Lack of a microphone would be a feature, not a limitation.

The UE Megaboom 3 seems like an attractive option: I like how in powersave mode you can still wake it up via BLE.

We can do some cool stuff with the new announcements I think!

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