@valiant Thank you :) Inwas planning on keeping my distance but it’s so personal now..

My mom has suffered enough.. We just want him to pay the family back and after that he’s free to move to Pluto if he wants to! At this moment he’s just a plain criminal

@valiant There’s no legit reason. He’s with a ‘women’ that’s 25 years older and has a very very bad influence on him.

They scam family members for money and don’t want to repay. Now they’re want to report my mom (and his mother) for some bullshit thing because they’re scared.

Oh man.. I hate him with every atom in my body..

My so called ‘brother’ wants to report his own mother to the police.. That’s called a rat right?

Yet another day of the week has begun! Come on and let’s get to work!

Sunrise for April 23, 2019 at 06:21AM! It's currently around 9C. Current weather conditions are Clear.

From space station altitude, astronauts can see several different climate zones in a single view of Guinea-Bissau. go.nasa.gov/2GFOKV5

Family Guy 17x19 Girl, Internetted airs on Sunday 5th, May 2019

DSS 65 carrier lock on Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter
Frequency: 2.2712GHz
Signal strength: -141dBm

Oh, and Mast is now free for a limited time. 👀

Tell your friends, tell your family, tell your Facebookers and Tweeters. It's time to start using #Mastodon.

quardbaud Our friends at NOAA's NWS forecast and predict weather. We work with them to help build and launch satellites to track weather patterns and research how the climate is changing. weather.gov/

"It seems to me that the natural world is the greatest source of excitement; the greatest source of visual beauty; the greatest source of intellectual interest." go.nasa.gov/2IMQmPj go.nasa.gov/2KZ70ho —David Atte…

"The astonishing thing about the Earth… is that it is alive.... Aloft, floating free beneath the moist, gleaming membrane of bright blue sky, is the rising Earth." go.nasa.gov/2IMQmPj go.nasa.gov/2KZ70ho —Lewis Thomas, The Lives of a Cell

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