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@snder @vanyok @drequivalent @armitage @sptnkmmnt @inhosin @jerryko о да! я ведь с самого первого дня писал тебе, про функцию прямого перевода через UI =) если помнишь)

Hello fellow users 😉 First of all I like to thank you to be part of this amazing family!

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Thank you

According to @TheKinrar's service, 162,776 people were active on Mastodon in the first week of 2019 (22,459 on

I've run some calculations based on #Eunomia questions. Unfortunately, no easy way for me to get this information for the entire fediverse, but based on the database:

25% of users post in English
6.5% in Japanese
3.7% in French
3.6% in Spanish
2.7% in Russian
2.4% in German

Notably, 71 users post in "squeak"

Holy shiet.. So Dubai is also build on the back of slaves..

@yuichi_photo Hey there! Welcome to quey, if you need any assistance please let me know! :flan_cool:

China deelt videobeelden van landing op achterkant maan China heeft vrijdag beelden gedeeld van de landing op de achterkant van de maan. Op 3 januari landde de Chang'e 4-sonde voor het eerst op het vanaf de aarde niet zichtbare stuk van de maan.

DSS 54 carrier lock on @OSIRISREx
Frequency: 8.4456GHz
Signal strength: -136dBm

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