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Sunrise for April 15, 2019 at 06:38AM! It's currently around 6C. Current weather conditions are Cloudy.

Our default left-sidebar on mobile is getting a little buggy.. Should I remove it and use the default top menu on mobile?

NASA_Landsat As the Arctic continues to warm 🌡 even faster than the rest of the planet, fires 🔥 in the region are likely to become more common and intense, releasing increasing amounts of carbon ♨️ in the atmosphere.

While you’re waiting for the new episode, you can check out a real landscape of ice ❄️ and fire 🔥. Last week, NASA_Landsat 🛰 captured this image of a fire burning in Siberia between frozen land and lakes.

What’s your opinion about Julian Assange?

Our Five Year Plan to Return Humans to the Moon on This Week – April 12, 2019

This could lead very well to the end of the world..

..of Wikileaks

Hey, guess what?

Just removed about 638GB cached items from wasabi!

Gevechtsvliegtuigen werpen flares af bij oefening in Oekraïne Het Oekraïense leger hield zaterdag een grootschalige oefening. Daarbij wierpen gevechtsvliegtuigen flares (magnesiumfakkels) af. De training vond plaats bij de Zee van Azov, zo'n 150 kilometer van Donetsk.

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