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Sunrise for June 27, 2020 at 05:13AM! It's currently around 21C. Current weather conditions are Mostly Cloudy.

Okay it’s time.. GO HOME and celebrate the !

Het zijn inderdaad een stelletje idioten dat is zeker

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'Doorgesnoven hooligans' Nice, I like it.

Sunrise for June 26, 2020 at 05:13AM! It's currently around 19C. Current weather conditions are Clear.

Eindelijk eens wat goed nieuws! Oplichtings praktijken zijn het..

This is how it was and how it happenedThe Netherlands, our beautiful country, this is where we come from.

Canefaten and Hunnen are running Europe with stuff
Offer their dead an inside
to fill their hunebeds.
Then the romans and heathen
to thin their tribes
when suddenly "Hebban olla vogala nestas hagunnan?"

It's 1584. long fight with Spain
Man, you know that all people love Willem of Orange
But Balthasar G didn't, he will see him in Delft
Willem thinks I'll kill him instantly
BANGBANGBANGBANG right through him
In 1602 ok: the Golden Age and the VOC

Special trips for those spicey spices at sea
Colony here and there, conning colonial people
And at the canal of Amsterdam
rised spicey terraced houses

Work availability: yea "compulsory" you may think
But hey they have to thank us for showing them the world
Sorry, stop this wont do.
allow me to describe something

67 fortresses along the African west coast
You were branded en after that
there was no way back
In the ship... about 500 man that was
pretty crowded and not really cozy
because those whites had a sex drive

So women were raped
As a man you were sold as cargo
Unless you you were dying of smallpox
Then you were thrown in the sea
And I still have to watch my mouth
When i dare to say "genocide"

I dont even wanna begin about compensation I dont want confrontation
Make the equation yourself and you'll see
Personnel costs, nutrition, slaves ate chicken?
Overtime, kilometers, damage to the ship?

Yea maybe for the executioner who hammered the locks closed.
and thus scattering the bloodied skins around the ship
Hmm, it is kinda dark
But it did happen

This is how it was and how it happened
Eindhoven! (City in the Netherlands where Fresko is from)
Lutjegast! (Village in the Netherlands where Arjen is from)
The Netherlands, our beautiful country, this is where we're from

The constitution was just erected, Willem I on the throne
Factories were the dream, we got nice steam
With the train quick trips, got clothes with zippers
Aletta Jacobs came pitching "I stand up for the bitches"

The Netherlands is growing, super nice, Delta Works
To solodify our works
you can work with or for us
And Fresuk, objectively speaking
African also had slaves, they all had them in those ages.

You have a point but compared to europeans it was small
Because europeans sold about 12 million
Specifically African people who were black slaves
Merchanidse of the white traders
and were actually the back bone of alot of trade deals.
Salt pans, sugar cane, coffee, Cacao plantations
Everything defended with the bible in the hand.

And if I say anything about it
"Dude that so long ago
I didn't have any slaves, I don't have that
blood on my hands"

But why is it written so cowardly in the books
Wealth and profit should be:
Selling Africans because we thought they were beneath us.
So not just spices and tulips
but also Sinterklaas and his helpers (black pete)

Hey, I dont wanna be rude but,
am I not allowed to be proud of the Netherlands anymore?

Of course you are, but don't close your eyes for bad things
The wounds are deep and almost unable to heal
Those who want to understand the book
must also read the black pages.

You don't even have black heroes,
Yea i do
Okay say them
Erik de Zwart

And all children books are white.
never a black kid
That's bullshit
Jip van Jenneke?
Oh yea shit

This is how it was and how it happened
Zondag met Lubach
The Netherlands, our beautiful country, that's where we're from
When does this air?

This is how it was and how it happened
The Netherlands, our beautiful country, that's where we're from

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Zondag met Lubach ft. Fresku - Canon

This is how it was and how it went. The Netherlands, our beautiful country, this is where we are from.

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