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Bob Marley & The Wailers - No Woman, No Cry - Live At The Lyceum, London/1975 Listen now on !

The Most Christmassy Songs & Countries on Spotify You might have heard holiday music on the radio or in stores last month, and thought, “hmmmm, that’s a bit early.” In fact, Spotify data shows that most listeners weren’t ready for it that soon. As you can see from the data visualization below, which shows Christmas listening by country and day this year, when […]

Dataviz: A ‘Joy Plot’ about Joy Division You’ve likely seen the iconic album art from Joy Division’s 1979 album, Unknown Pleasures on T-shirts, tattoos, and online. You might also know that the image represents a data plot of eighty successive radio pulses from the first known pulsar, reproduced from a diagram appearing in the January 1971 issue of Scientific American magazine by […]

Listening Diversity Increases Nearly 40 Percent on Spotify Any data provided herein is from Spotify’s internal sources. The music industry is growing after years of decline, with the increase attributed to streaming. So if this is how people listen to music now, what does that mean for artists? Will they have an easier time finding an audience, or will streaming focus global attention […]

Data Reveals Podcasts Are Workday-Friendly You know the routine: get to your desk, put on some music, and start working, right? Not necessarily. It turns out that podcasts, sometimes more associated with commuting, peak more during the workday than music does. Many tasks (for example writing, or other tasks involving words), call for music that helps you focus. But this […]

Genres in the Key of Life: Different Music Uses Different Scales Our first foray into key signatures found G and C major to be the most popular musical keys on Spotify, probably because the former is easiest to play on a guitar, the latter on piano. Now, let’s look at how key signatures vary between genre. Detecting key signature through audio analysis Trained musicians practice the […]

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