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Genitals, nudity, explicit 

Meilleure vue de la bite, à mon sens

[CW explicit nudity]


>* Genghis Khan spawns as a Skate Legend
>* Genghis will never attack a fellow Skater

hmm, checks out.

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scrolling through reddit is not a good way to fall asleep as it turns out

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lo draws that orc wifing idea, intentional misgendering of a cute cat girl by a rude boy 

Me: I could draw this now and then

Brain: but effort

Me: I could give like no effort

Brain: okay you may begin

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boost my nudes, my dudes. 

If you enjoy seeing my body, want see more of my body, and want to sexualize me verbally while watching me exploit my own kinks for your dollars (possibly as a kink), please subscribe to my OnlyFans. Subscriptions are $5 & the link is in my bio.

chastity tech 

Oh, this is pretty clever. Makes it possible to use numbered locks with the invisible lock style cages.

re: coffee, health 

I can have a little coffee, as a treat

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coffee, health 

Trying to cut coffee for a bit because I've been so dehydrated lately, it's almost been 24hrs and I'm already having the cravings bad 😓​

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Shower nude, genitals and lewdish rubs 

Rubrub in the shower 🍆 🍑

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lewdish text in screenshot from ck3 

I.. uh. thanks?

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