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I've always wanted to get a custom chastity cage with my logo on it. Too bad my keyholder made me a girl before I could order it. Now I'm stuck in this feminization cage, with him in charge of the keys...

#chastity #sissy #feminization #bodywriting

Vacation the past 2 weeks was much needed, didn't realise how exhausted I was until I finally relaxed

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Every "women and nonbinary people" space or FLIT space I have ever visited has felt unwelcoming towards non-binary people who looked too much like what society says are cis men.
Whether implicit or explicit, the transphobia and rejection has always been in the air.

Unless such a space explicitly mentions that they stand up to this kind of shit and will defend non-binary people who face this type of hostility in their space, I assume their event is unsafe because this shit just keeps happening

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I realized I haven't posted in a while. So have a picture of my wet quarantine 😻💦

#NSFW #pussy #wetpussy #vagina

nude chastity kink butt 

A picture I took just now trying to lure someone into playing some.

do you think it will work?

One good thing about spending a lot of time at home due to plague is I finally managed to complete the grind to mythic rank on

go me!

"Fine, I'll stop hogging the playlist, just one more song"

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nsfw nudity self 

it me butt. felt like posting some pics I'd taken before but took these instead. now the others will never see the light of day!

nudity chastity 

Just hanging out naked on the sofa is pretty nice

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The Animal Crossing Teledildonics project and Console Game Haptics Router are in Daily Dot today!


check out they are making some seriously good home made porn

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Ending the day with some good old

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Nsfw nudity self ec 

Okay, so like, fuck I look so cute in these pics. The tum, my face is so pretty, I look like a damn princess in the second pic... Honestly the second two are just there to fill in slots so I don't gotta make another post lmao


Playing with the cage again. Trying to get into a routine of using it more frequently instead of going for a long duration.

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Someone just posted this image on masto and I am going to be using it a *lot*.

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