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Today was a day full of nice things and a warm one as well.

My mum wants to try the fediverse. Does anyone know any good instances of a Facebook-replacing nature (i.e. of Friendica)? Preferably ones with good rules i.e. don't interpret racism as something only white people can engage in etc.
Thanks in advance.

I'm still holding on!


Smoke Free: 10d 10h 39m 48s
Cigarettes Not Smoked: 313,3
Life Regained: 2d 9h 26m 37s
Money Saved:  €104,44

Random people screeming hey is not fun.

"Throw the smallest stone you can find at one of the corporations under their protection, and the “morals” and politics of #OSI will be revealed not only to peons like you and me, but even to Linus Torvalds and Eric S. Raymond." #foss #opensource #freew

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"While #OpenSource points and laughs at the sentimentality of #FreeSoftware and treats it as pompous, naive and even hateful, its worship of industry monopolies is revealed by the complete lack of a sense of humour about people mocking the empire itself. For all of Free Software’s alleged sacred cows, nothing is more sacred or hallowed to Open Source than the empire." #foss

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"One of the most famous scams to avoid the subject of “politics” is #OpenSource. OpenSource was created to talk about/sell/exploit #fFreeSoftware, without mentioning either freedom or organisations that work for it. OpenSource is the pseudo-apolitical, “Don’t mention the war” corporate-friendly sell-out version of the Free software movement — so much so, that its flagship organisations own co-founder Bruce Perens resigned after just a year of OpenSource selling out the movement it hijacked."

And for those saying that 'that's how politics work', if it works that way doesn't mean it SHOULD work that way.

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fuck politics. Yes I know it's important that it exist and that those people involved in it make laws and stuff, but hear me out: we in the western world (western Europe, USA/CA, AUS/NZ) are to divided at this moment, and those people in those beautiful places in The Hague, Washington DC, Canberra, London or fucks given where make us even more angry. About what? Nothing, but they make it seem like it's something. They say the other side it's racist and nazi's or they are snowflakes and weak homos.

Come on people, don't fall into that trap. We can think for ourselves. We can have opinions, without choosing sides. We can agree and bit, but not completely. We can agree to disagree. We can still like a person that it on the other side of the political spectrum. We are human, not sheep.

Fuck politics, not because it's not important, but because they play games with us, the public, just to get votes.

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10 days off the cigarettes.

Getting easier actually, but I won't celebrate to early.

Apple: Save the #Pear from #Apple! End Apple's Aggressive Opposition of Small Businesses with Fruit Logos - Sign the Petition!


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Your summer so hot that even Australians complain.

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