Do y'all want a plate of paseggiliti
stolen from the webs

I watched Lars Von Trier's last work yesterday. Matt Dillon is great, the director's style too...but like most of contemporary movies, technique overshadows plot... πŸ€”

Find a seat on the train can be a real challenge those days in my city πŸ˜‰

My fellas don't want me to be late this morning πŸ™„

Finally found a quiet place to enjoy a bit of healthy loneliness 🍁

A new sketch... But I don't know how to continue... Any advise?

My beloved sun is back.'s time to go out finally!!

The Cleveland Museum of Art Digitizes Its Collection, Putting 30,000 Works Online and Into the Public Domain

I've just decided to skip my Kung Fu lesson this afternoon in order to watch the entire Kim Ki Duk's filmography... Am I gonna burn in Hell? πŸ™„

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