Already i am on Twitter and Reddit, sooo we were looking for a new Tumblr right?

Idk what to do here. Suggest me some topics/stuff/people to follow.

Any tips on living with a phone that has 16GB space. I am dying.

I already forgot the name of this place. LOL. There is Tusky and Mathodon right?

I like the idea of the community itself shift into here but the place itself same as twitter. So it fits micro blogging, not like tumblr gallery. I love my dashboard in this way:

it's already morning and i should sleep.

// 24, gay. idk what else. i feel alone and more than that i wanna hid myself from real world and ppl. they are everywhere. so that's it. i love league of league related stuff, cookie run, ariana grande and gay porn. lol. btw im learning german.

My fav places g+ and Tumblr shutting down... So here we are. Dunno how to feel and trying to understand Mastodon stuff.


We are! We are a generalistic and moderated Mastodon instance for people of all colours and sizes. No ads, no tracking just be free.