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It could be me. I may just not be the a micro-service blogging/social-network person. And by extension Mastodon/Gab aren't for me...

(Except for the dank memes 😜 )

I am not sure what to think of Mastodon and the Fediverse in general.

I think it is a great tool to avoid lamestream SF-based services that get blocked by governments as soon as they get a whiff of a riot due to the distributed nature.

On the other hand, while I like the worldview of some instance and its members, a large part seems to be in conflict with each other one more extreme than the other. Sometimes outright blocking other instances.

I need to find a better wording.

Thanks to the effort of @NS_Online delaying enough trains I am spending time on this obscure little train station due to a failed connection. 😕

And out of boredom I am back trolling scammers on Plenty of Fish. It is glorious! 😂

Ok. Tracking +500 gameservers on a shoe-string budget went from as much as AWS possible to back to an existing VM and from DynamoDB to MySQL. I tried! :D

Writing software to keep track of ~500 gameservers every minute using AWS resources is borderline impossible on a shoestring budget. So while I love the notion of leveraging the cloud and writing stateless applications, I am going back to using my trusty old unix box again with a relational database server. 😱

runs! Kinda. Catting /dev/zero into a file goes happens at a speed of about 19 mb/s. Copying a bunch of files over NFS is 1-2 MB/s. :-(

just got its key components. Tomorrow I'll get the backplane and then its assembly time! :-)

I cannot say I am into , at almost everything it is one big cringefest!

was a grind. But I am happy I finished it. :D

And in the realm of weird new chat apps, all welcome:


More things that do the same! 🙂

( Cellphones were a mistake.. )

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