And out of boredom I am back trolling scammers on Plenty of Fish. It is glorious! 😂

Ok. Tracking +500 gameservers on a shoe-string budget went from as much as AWS possible to back to an existing VM and from DynamoDB to MySQL. I tried! :D

Writing software to keep track of ~500 gameservers every minute using AWS resources is borderline impossible on a shoestring budget. So while I love the notion of leveraging the cloud and writing stateless applications, I am going back to using my trusty old unix box again with a relational database server. 😱

runs! Kinda. Catting /dev/zero into a file goes happens at a speed of about 19 mb/s. Copying a bunch of files over NFS is 1-2 MB/s. :-(

just got its key components. Tomorrow I'll get the backplane and then its assembly time! :-)

I cannot say I am into , at almost everything it is one big cringefest!

was a grind. But I am happy I finished it. :D

And in the realm of weird new chat apps, all welcome:

More things that do the same! 🙂

( Cellphones were a mistake.. )

This weekend I also finished . After grinding my way to the best ships and equipment doing countless of scenarios the end game content was a breeze.

When at some point you are smashing 20 broadside cannons in some unsuspecting capital ship going b000m secondss later, you know you might have won this game.

After spending the weekend trying to get the hang of I just gave up after my little fort was unable to create a functioning farm...

...and the gas coming from a dead skunk that ended up in the living room somehow made the dwarves unhappy..

...and a stray cat that chased a wild goat away which I wanted to use as a source of nutrition.

Maybe next weekend. 🙂

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