Thanks to the effort of @NS_Online delaying enough trains I am spending time on this obscure little train station due to a failed connection. πŸ˜•

runs! Kinda. Catting /dev/zero into a file goes happens at a speed of about 19 mb/s. Copying a bunch of files over NFS is 1-2 MB/s. :-(

just got its key components. Tomorrow I'll get the backplane and then its assembly time! :-)

While people make the coolest images of Trump, I am not complaining about what the little Dutch shitposters are making of our King (and Queen).

9/10 - Would fight the Spanish, French, Italian and Germans again! πŸ˜›

Taking USB2 since I want the (cold) storage instead of the speed, so no need for more expensive USB3 solutions or prefab things out there. Thinking about taking the Raspberry pi 3+ for the extra punch it has in terms of resources.

is still in the planning stages! 😊

This is prolly to keep the game journos happy. Because no regressive politics means no positive coverage, noigh score on meta-critic, means less bonuses.

Fuck . Fuck Electric Arts. Fuck the gaming "press".

Ever since I stopped playing I had: 1) CCP sent me more emails I would like to admit about accounts expiring and asking me to give them cash. 2) Never played so many different space-games the past couple of months. πŸ˜…

@auramun Stumbled on this in my download folder. Enjoy πŸ™‚

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