Something tells me it didn't auto-correct... πŸ˜‰

Maybe you would like to open a ticket? 😺

Thanks to the effort of @NS_Online delaying enough trains I am spending time on this obscure little train station due to a failed connection. πŸ˜•

I am soooo voting for Iceland. (And encouraging all my friends to do the same. )

@auramun Normally a person would have a social life to get stuff of your chest, not a support group. ;-)

I don't think you grasp the concept of support groups, or have ever been married.πŸ˜›

And out of boredom I am back trolling scammers on Plenty of Fish. It is glorious! πŸ˜‚

mental health (-), ED 

Its common for med-students to diagnose themselves with some of the ailments and conditions the are studying for university. ;-)

And in the case of early '00s Internet: checking the symptoms on WebMD als tells you its cancer. =(

I am glad you at least make that distinction when it comes to critizing PC Culture. πŸ™‚

While I am not really a fan of 4chan, it does keep all its cancerous users on 4chan keeping 8ch nicer and cleaner. (Although 8ch can start purging Lolicon iyam.)

This said, I don't know the context about not hiring somebody with a social or gender studies degree, but I have seen discussions in the past between HR managers and employees talking about this and they consider these people a liability: usually an activist but also a lawsuit waiting to happen, not something you want.

@snder Werd eens fucking tijd dat ze wakker werden. Tijdens SOPA/PIPA sprong iedereen in de bres. Iets met Europa? **crickets**

@simspotting I am going to say yes. The hobby is already as it is a niche. Adding to that is that Mastodon one service of many is and a large portion of the playerbase happily lives on either Discord and/or Slack for their flightsim needs.

@snder I found out why MySQL was giving issues: pymysql and multi-threading don't play well. So I am now in search of a new mysql library! :D

nsfw talk, music 

@snder When I've solved these 3 issues along with a few weird bugs. I run into. Also might reconsider the use of memcached, since its now just a glorified GeoIP2 storage (which can just as easily be stored in the same MySQL row the server is in.) ( Ignoring DynamoDB for the time being. :-) )

@snder dcs.glowie.xyz/
Yeah...ish... I still need to find a reliable way to compile+store the scenarios played on the server, need a non-disruptive way to update server-list and the mysql connection had issues last night, but have NFC if the changes I made fixed this.

Other than that, working as intended. No big release yet, just a few links here and there. πŸ™‚

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