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Alita Battle Angel, I recommend it! 😊

While people make the coolest images of Trump, I am not complaining about what the little Dutch shitposters are making of our King (and Queen).

9/10 - Would fight the Spanish, French, Italian and Germans again! πŸ˜›

Someone was disappointed I didn't send her a valentines card. WTF is wrong with this world!? 😜

It seems my coworkers have unlocked eachother's romancing options in this game called life! =)

Currently I am playing Rebel Galaxy at home. I am doing the thing where I grind for gear and ships instead of doing the story so I end up with over the top gear (like I did with 3030 Death War when I offed over 250 pirates before finishing the main campaign). A quest went from "Very Hard" to "Very Easy" as soon as I bolted on top-tier stuff on my cheap little frigate.

Curious how the story will pan out, so far I am not really impressed.

Cleaned out the bots from my feed. In hindsight I'd like a separate app/page for this instead of drowning out quality user content. πŸ˜‰

Looking at alternatives. , .im, and . Are there any other suggestions?

Taking USB2 since I want the (cold) storage instead of the speed, so no need for more expensive USB3 solutions or prefab things out there. Thinking about taking the Raspberry pi 3+ for the extra punch it has in terms of resources.

is still in the planning stages! 😊

Despite my above average income, the rent in Amsterdam is spirit-crushing to say the least. In a desperate need of a storage solution I need to be creative with my money and ramp up my patience to 11 to get this done. I have two hard disks, a IDE/SATA adapters, and USB-hub and a powerbar. What I need is: a plank of wood to mount all the parts, a raspberry pi (no need for performance) some more adapters, tyraps and some screws. will commence next paycheck. In the meantime: planning!

This is prolly to keep the game journos happy. Because no regressive politics means no positive coverage, noigh score on meta-critic, means less bonuses.

Fuck . Fuck Electric Arts. Fuck the gaming "press".

I stopped playing Starpoint Gemini Warlords, uninstalled it, wrote a negative review and started playing Rebel Galaxy. Suddenly! No more grind. Challenging gameplay. No more cringe. Seriously, fuck SGW

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