A Meditation on Moon Shots, a Mid-Engine Corvette, and More Car News This Week We debate the use of the term “moon shot,” digitally drive the first mid-engine ’Vette, and check in how on Formula E is fueling an all-electric future. wired.com/story/moon-shot-mid- /CarNews -DrivingCars

An Alien-Hunting Russian Tech Mogul May Help Solve a Space Mystery Russian billionaire Yuri Milner has invested a fortune to help SETI find the source of cosmic flashes that emit the energy of 500 million suns. wired.com/story/alien-hunting-

Are Super Automatic Espresso Machines Worth Buying? These premium coffee machines promise a hot, perfect cup of espresso, automatically. We tried some out to see if they’re worth $1,000—or more. wired.com/story/automatic-espr /SmartHome /Lifestyle /BuyingGuides /Kitchen

The Story Universe of Magic: The Gathering Is Expanding Can a complicated, nerdy card game turn into a cross-media story? Maybe it already is one. wired.com/story/comic-con-2019

'Snowpiercer' Trains an Eye on TV—and Its Genre DNA Runs Deep Under the watch of the creator of 'Orphan Black,' the post-apocalyptic thrill-ride folds in elements of 'Westworld,' 'The Leftovers,' and more. wired.com/story/snowpiercer-ge /TV -Con

Adware Is the Malware You Should Actually Be Worried About For all the attention on sophisticated nation-state attacks, the malware that’s most likely to hit your phone is much more mundane. wired.com/story/adware-most-co /SecurityNews

Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe Isn't Cinematic A good portion of the upcoming Marvel Studio's slate will be streaming on Disney+. wired.com/story/comic-con-2019 /Movies /TV

*Star Trek: Picard* Shows Where the Franchise Is Boldly Going It’s also a look at CBS All Access' future. wired.com/story/star-trek-pica /TV

‘Snowpiercer,’ ‘Picard,’ and More Awesome Trailers Hit Comic-Con Comic-Con's biggest day brought the most massive trailers of the convention. wired.com/story/comic-con-trai /Movies /TV -Con

Comic-Con's Batman VR Experience Soars—While Others Fall Flat A couple of experiences shone in San Diego, but most of them proved that AR and VR need care—and money—to excel. wired.com/story/vr-ar-comic-co -Con

Browser Extensions Scraped Data From Millions of People Slack passwords, NSO spyware, and more of the week's top security news. wired.com/story/browser-extens /SecurityNews

Are Humans the Meanest Species in the Universe? Melinda Snodgrass' novel *The High Ground* examines human cruelty in an alien first-contact scenario. wired.com/2019/07/geeks-guide- /CulturePodcast 'sGuidetotheGalaxy

Sony RX 100 VI Review: It Does What Your Phone Camera Can't It's small, lightweight, and has an impressive zoom. But that comes with a hefty price tag. wired.com/review/sony-rx-100-v /Cameras /Reviews

How Formula E Racing Makes Electric Cars Faster, Smarter, Funner For automakers like BMW, Audi, and Jaguar, making EVs for the track is a natural way to hone EVs for the streets. wired.com/story/formula-e-elec /ElectricCars

Space Photos of the Week: This Apollo Went to 11 The space race was the ultimate demonstration of US prowess. There was more to it than winning, though. wired.com/story/space-photos-o

'Game of Thrones' Goes on a Victory Lap—and an Apology Tour The show's farewell panel at Comic-Con was a one-sided goodbye. wired.com/story/game-of-throne /TV

The App Creeping on Your IG Location, Jakarta’s Insurance Crisis, and More News Catch up on the most important news from today in two minutes or less. wired.com/story/instagram-loca /Privacy

Netflix’s 'The Witcher' Makes a Play to Be the Next 'Game of Thrones' The streaming service might have the new fantasy crossover hit. wired.com/story/the-witcher-tr /Videogames /Books /TV -Con

Amazon Warns Customers: Those Supplements Might Be Fake The company confirmed that it had notified users earlier this week that the Align supplements they purchased were likely counterfeits. wired.com/story/amazon-fake-su /NationalAffairs

Gadget Lab Podcast: Twitter’s Major Design Overhaul Twitter has launched its first major redesign in several years. The question is whether it’s enough to make a dent in the hate and harassment. wired.com/story/gadget-lab-pod

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