A Strange Radioactive Cloud Likely Came From Russia In 2017 a plume of radioactive gas wafted across Europe. A study now shows it probably stemmed from a nuclear accident in southern Russia. wired.com/story/a-strange-radi /Environment

Arctic Plastic Pollution, a Hacker Joke Gone Awry, and More News Catch up on the most important news from today in two minutes or less. wired.com/story/null-license-h /Environment

Microplastics Are Blowing Into the Pristine Arctic In snow samples collected across the Arctic and Europe, researchers find tens of thousands of microplastic particles per liter of snow—even in remote areas. wired.com/story/microplastics-

3 Animals Hurt By the New Endangered Species Act These three creatures illustrate the harm that could come from the loss of protections, which the Trump administration announced Monday. wired.com/story/3-animals-hurt /Environment

A Tax Credit Fueled the Solar Energy Boom. Now It's in Limbo A federal subsidy that helped launch the US solar industry is about to expire. The industry is likely to stumble without some replacement. wired.com/story/a-tax-credit-f /Environment

Why Lightning Strikes in an Arctic Gone Bizarro Some rather peculiar weather over the weekend struck 300 miles from the North Pole. Here’s why that may be the new normal. wired.com/story/why-lightning-

The Biomechanical Perfection of Simone Biles in Flight Behold the triple double: The gymnast’s precise control of her body as she moves through space sets her apart. Add tremendous strength and speed, and you’ve got a champion. wired.com/story/the-biomechani

A Rocket-Catchin' Copter, a Radioactive Russian Cloud, and More News Catch up on the most important news from today in two minutes or less. wired.com/story/rocket-helicop /Space

How Facebook Catches Bugs in Its 100 Million Lines of Code For the past four years, Facebook has quietly used a homegrown tool called Zoncolan to find bugs in its massive codebase. wired.com/story/facebook-zonco /SecurityNews

Depth of Field: Where Is Jay-Z Taking the NFL? The rapper-entrepreneur and pro football have a new partnership. But it might be built on illusion. wired.com/story/jay-z-nfl-deal /DigitalCulture /Music

AI Algorithms Need FDA-Style Drug Trials Opinion: Algorithms cause permanent side effects on society. They need clinical tests. wired.com/story/ai-algorithms- /ArtificialIntelligence

Catch Rockets With a Helicopter? Yep, That's the Plan SpaceX was the first to bring a booster back from space and use it again. Other companies are now following in its footsteps—kind of. wired.com/story/catch-rockets- /Space

Truckers Gain More Freedom, Thanks to Tech’s Watchful Eye Proposed federal rules would give truckers more leeway in taking breaks—because regulators already know when drivers are driving and not driving. wired.com/story/truckers-gain- /CitiesandInfrastructure

Actually, Gender-Neutral Pronouns Can Change a Culture In 2012 a nongendered pronoun dropped into Swedish discourse. Today it's widely used—and it's nudging people to see the world a little differently. wired.com/story/actually-gende /PsychologyandNeuroscience

At Twitter, It Seems No One Can Hear the Screams Twitter’s brass at an event this week struggled to balance the platform’s reputation for viral rage with the conversational mecca it wants to become. wired.com/story/twitter-press- /GearNewsandEvents

Google Assistant Now Lets You Send Reminders to Other People Hey Google, is this the future of passive-aggressive exchanges at home? wired.com/story/google-assista /GearNewsandEvents

Why These Praying Mantises Are Wearing Itty-Bitty 3D Glasses How do mantises see in 3D? Researchers find out by gluing tiny 3D glasses to a mantis' face and showing the insect movies. wired.com/story/why-these-pray

The Physics of Falling Magnets in *Stranger Things* Season 3 Can magnets really just demagnetize suddenly and fall off a fridge? Yes—sort of, though the show doesn't quite nail it. wired.com/story/the-physics-of /PhysicsandMath

Soccer Is Getting Slower and More Fair—and That's a Problem Video replay tech, known as VAR, is taking over soccer. Now the data is in: It's changing the game in controversial ways, and fans aren't totally sold. wired.com/story/video-review-i

Sorry, But We Can’t Just Hack Our Way Out of Climate Doom We have to suck carbon out of the atmosphere. That alone won’t fix the mess we’ve made. wired.com/story/ipcc-report-ca

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