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The Quiet Power of Sound Design Our lives are increasingly entangled with our devices; great sound design could make that a more perfect union. -27.06 /Trends

What the College Scandal Shallowfakes Reveal About the Rich The leisure class got tired of looking like jackasses in garish watches—they decided to spare no expense to seem like striving bourgeois warriors. /DigitalCulture -27.06

Hearing Aids Get a Tech-Minded Upgrade Spurred by regulations that will allow over-the-counter sales, hearing-aid companies are pushing the limits of what their products can be. /Accessories -27.06

Why Software Needs to Escape from San Francisco Think of every city as a platform—each new platform opens up the possibility to explore new ideas. It's time to give other platforms a chance to change the world. /TechCulture -27.06

Inside the Hybrid Digital-Analog Lives of Children For our kids, the digital world is as much their native environment as the physical world. It's up to parents to help them thrive in this often mystifying existence. /DigitalCulture -27.06

Angry Nerd: Kickstarter Has Become No Fun at All Unless you're Kickstarting a promise to stop bugging me—or the end of capitalism—I'm not interested in your relentless notifications. /TechCulture -27.06

Inside Swamp Works, the NASA Lab Learning to Mine the Moon NASA's Swamp Works may be humans' best hope for figuring out how to live and work on other planets. /Space

Build a Raspberry Pi GoBot With Your Kids With just $60 worth of hardware and 10 lines of code, you and your child can build a simple wheeled droid that can drive around the house. /HowToandAdvice -27.06

Ingenious Audio Designs From Audeze, Bang & Olufsen, Devialet, and Cambridge Audio Wireless technology is helping audio gear explore new horizons in form and functionality. /BuyingGuides -27.06

Q Acoustics' Concept 300 Speakers Kill Sound-Smearing Vibrations Errant sound waves can keep speakers from delivering their best performance. Q Acoustics neutralizes sonic invaders in three ways. /Speakers -27.06 /Products

Moondust Could Cloud Our Lunar Ambitions It's superfine. It's sharp. It sticks to everything. Before we return to the moon, we'll have to conquer one of the weirdest substances in the solar system. -27.06 /Space

12 Best Android Phones of 2019 (New, Unlocked, and Cheap) Wonder what the absolute best Android phone is right now? We have the answer, and some alternatives, including Google Pixel, OnePlus, Samsung Galaxy, LG, Moto, and more. /BuyingGuides /Phones

The Mystifying Case of the Missing Planets There's a puzzling lack of planets slightly bigger than Earth, which is making astronomers rethink how planets form in the first place. /Space

Bluetooth's Complexity Has Become a Security Risk Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy are incredibly convenient—but increasingly at the center of a lot of security lapses.

How All of the Surviving 'Game of Thrones' Heroes Got Here The series premiere, "Winter Is Coming," may provide some hints of what's to come in the series finale. /TV

Want to Bike Cross Country? Some Old Rails Could Get You There The Rails to Trails Conservancy is trying to assemble a 3,700-mile route that crosses 12 states. It needs help in Wyoming. /CitiesandInfrastructure

Another Fatal Tesla Autopilot Crash and More Car News This Week The NTSB said a Tesla Model 3 had its Autopilot engaged when it collided with a truck in Florida in March, killing the driver. /CarNews

How the US-China Trade War Could Hike iPhone Prices As the US and China slap tariffs on each other's goods, some tech companies are shifting production to India, Thailand, and Vietnam. /NationalAffairs

Like *Game of Thrones* Languages? Here's How to Make Your Own We got pro tips from the master—like, the actual guy who created Dothraki and High Valyrian. /TV

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