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A Devastating Climate Change Report, a Phone Bug Returns, and More News Catch up on the most important news from today in two minutes or less. /Environment

Crispr Can Help Solve Our Looming Food Crisis—Here's How There's not enough land to feed everyone on Earth without ruining the climate, a new IPCC report shows. Gene-edited crops could help reduce agriculture's footprint. /Environment

The Surprisingly Cozy Truths of Sleeping in Space Sleeping astronauts look like strapped-in zombies surrounded by whirring machines and always-on lights. But for Mike Massimino, it might have been the best sleep of his life. /Space

New IPCC Report Shows How Our Abuse of Land Drives Climate Change Cutting out fossil fuels, which the IPCC has called for repeatedly, isn’t enough—we as a species need to fundamentally transform our relationship with the land.

We’re Eating This Planet to Death A new IPCC report is clear: If we can’t figure out how to feed our species more sustainably, climate change will accelerate and make it harder to grow food.

The CDC Could Totally Study Gun Violence—It Just Needs Money Congress clarified last year that the CDC can use its budget for gun research, after decades of effectively banning it. But Democrats are still fighting to get actual funding approved. /Health

Hackers Could Decrypt Your GSM Phone Calls Researchers have discovered a flaw in the GSM standard used by AT&T and T-Mobile that would allow hackers to listen in. /CyberattacksandHacks

A Remote-Start App Exposed Thousands of Cars to Hackers The bugs could have let an industrious hacker locate cars, unlock them, and start them up from anywhere with an internet connection. /CyberattacksandHacks

Space Photos of the Week: Jupiter’s Big Storm Is Blowing Over Plus, solar eclipses are a key opportunity for scientists.

Big Tech Needs to Use Hazardous Materials Warnings Opinion: Tech users don’t have time to read novel-length terms of service. Give them a danger icon that tells them their personal risk. /Privacy

Election Systems Are Even More Vulnerable Than We Thought Black Hat and Defcon are underway in Vegas, WhatsApp flaws allow hackers to alter messages, and more of this week’s top security news. /SecurityNews

Are Sci-Fi Movies Getting Too Pretentious? The films are generally known for action, but recently sci-fi has gotten more profound. It might be too much. 'sGuidetotheGalaxy /Movies

Leica Q2 Review: Perfect, From a Certain Point of View A Leica with autofocus is just as amazing as it sounds, but there's a catch /Reviews

12 Best Weekend Deals on Outdoor Gear and Indoor Tech We dug through this weekend's sales to find the best deals on everything from a stylish hatchet to *Spider-Man* on PS4. /Deals

How 'Microcracks' Undermined San Francisco's New Bus Terminal A cracked beam forced the $2.2 billion terminal’s closure after six weeks. Unraveling why required physics, metallurgy, and engineers with nerves of steel. /CitiesandInfrastructure

Hackers Take on Darpa's $10 Million Voting Machine At this year's Defcon hacking conference, Darpa brought the beginnings of what it hopes will be impervious hardware. /SecurityNews

A Decades-Old Computer Science Puzzle Was Solved in Two Pages With a stunningly simple proof, a researcher has finally cracked the sensitivity conjecture, "one of the most frustrating and embarrassing open problems." /DotPhysics

A Voracious Vineyard-Killer, Apple's Siri Snoopers, and More News Catch up on the most important news from today in two minutes or less. /Environment

Americans Trust Scientists, Until Politics Gets in the Way A report from Pew Research Center shows that Americans have great confidence in scientists—except for Republicans when the issue is the environment.

Don't Ask How to Pay for Climate Change. Ask Who Opinion: Asking presidential candidates *how* they'll pay for the cost of climate change is naive. We should be asking, “*who* is going to pay?” and “how much?” /Environment

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