Question for the people of United Kingdom: how does it feel that your government blocks porn for the underage? Isn't it something quite intrusive? Plus it's 18 and down. Wow! From the outside I see them as the most conservative of the continent (although obvious to others even more) 🤔

@GatoOscuro How do they block it? And how can a browser know the age of a user? 😏

@snder Clearly it can be avoided, but for a government/state, etc. to think that... gives much to understand and of course, the "evolution" of your nation.

Luckily you can always avoid it, at least it won't be North Korea.

@GatoOscuro @snder wow there mentioning North Korea because they won't let me see tits. I agree with protect underage from porn while there is a proper sexual education behind. Porn is one of the worst sources of sexual education that there is. It is proper to protect underage of that BUT not because of morals or religion or any shitty excuse, but for basic responsability. So blocking porn and not giving a real sexual education is stupid and counterproductive.

@Delun_2 For sex education there are parents, school and oh! do you know who also invests in such campaigns? The most recognized brands of adult cinema.


@GatoOscuro @snder parents? Some only. School? Not so many either. Adult cinema brands? REALLY? XD
The fact? Neither families or schools give it. So youngsters go to their friends and Internet. Friends are as inesperienced as them and Internet porn is garbage at so many levels. And I am an adult. A girl or a boy of, let's say, 13, 14 years old, when they first get some interest on this, do you think they can identify what's wrong? No. They'll think that's normal and it's not. That's the issue


@Delun_2 n
You really didn't have any of it? And I thought that my education was mediocre, in any case you are partially right that they at an early age do not know which way to go, but that's why they need a guide.

On the other hand, block or do not block will continue to access the :) what's the point of covering your eyes on the Internet when in the street you see worse things?

@GatoOscuro @snder first of all, I am not talking about me or my experiences so get your personal comparisons for yourself.

Second, it's not about blocking, but giving youngsters resources to identify what's wrong or not with porn and the theatrical sex (special emphasis in THEATRICAL) it represents.

@Delun_2 The basic issue is clear, I don't know why it should derive. Besides, what I mentioned should be a "standard", not only me.


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