Remember when I said 4chan must be burned to the ground

I joined a Discord chat mostly of people from there and someone is openly admitting to having rejected any CV that included "gender studies" or "social studies" when hiring at his job

So um yea who's coming to commit arson with me

While I am not really a fan of 4chan, it does keep all its cancerous users on 4chan keeping 8ch nicer and cleaner. (Although 8ch can start purging Lolicon iyam.)

This said, I don't know the context about not hiring somebody with a social or gender studies degree, but I have seen discussions in the past between HR managers and employees talking about this and they consider these people a liability: usually an activist but also a lawsuit waiting to happen, not something you want.

@tybre75 I guess there are purely legal cases like that but this guy clearly stated that he did it because he "hates PC culture" (and I'm not a fan either but it's easy to tell the difference between "I hate PC culture because it won't let me criticize the current system" vs "I hate PC culture because I hate women and minorities")


I am glad you at least make that distinction when it comes to critizing PC Culture. 🙂

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